Tehran hosts top domestic and foreign scientists and researchers in the field of genetics in April,2020

According to the Secretariat of the Iranian Congress of Genetics, Executive Director of the Congress, Dr. Mohsen Ebrahimi, announced at a press conference on Wednesday, December 4th that the conference will be attended by prominent domestic and foreign researchers April 15-17.

He also referred to the invitation of 20-30 international visiting professors to attend the congress and said that it is expected that between 200-300 students and professors from surrounding countries will attend the scientific event.

Dr. Ebrahimi added: Following the much-welcomed congressional cultural programs in previous years, this year, congress tours will be held on the outskirts of Tehran and Iran for foreign participants as well as local participants from cities.

Following the meeting, Dr. Saboura Ashkevarian, Executive Director of the Usern Spring Event, which will be held in partnership with the National and International Congress of Genetics, said: The Usern World Network is proud to be partnering with the Fourth International Congress And hold the 16th National Congress of Iranian Genetics. Usern is a global network of top scientists and Nobel winners around the world whose motto is Knowledge without borders.

Dr Ashkourian added: "The lectures of the top science researchers, and the Genetic Escape Room, is another program of the Usern Network at the Congress of Genetics.

The 16th National Congress and the Fourth International Congress of Genetics of Iran will be held in cooperation with the Italian Molecular Cell Association and the Usern World Wide Web on April 15-17.

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