The 4th International Congress and the 16th National Congress of Iranian Genetics will host the first Genetics and Biotechnology market.

The secretariat of the Congress of Genetics announced that Dr. Maryam Mohajeri, director of Scientific Programs at the Congress, at the official launch of the Congress of Genetics, held on Wednesday, December 4th, said: Genetic and Biotechnology market fan within the first international trade festival Genetic ideas, products and services will be developed. She said: It is expected that about 100 domestic companies and about 20 foreign companies will present their ideas, services and products in this collection.
Dr. Mohajeri announced the goal of the first international festival of commercialization of genetics ideas, products and services to identify market potentials for ideas and scientists and to present investors with appropriate ideas and services and products. 
They will support the right ideas. She further pointed to the establishment of the first Genetic Student Festival, stating: "The Student Festival is in fact a miniature of the original Congress and in coordination with the Ministry of Education has provided the background for identifying student potential. 
Interested students can also get acquainted with the field of genetics and add to their knowledge by attending special student exhibitions and workshops.
The 16th National Congress and the Fourth International Congress of Genetics of Iran will be held in cooperation with the Italian Molecular Cell Association and the Usern World Wide Web on April 15-17,2020.

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