Call for Acceptance of Articles and Registration at the Fourth International Congress and the 16th National Congress of Iranian Genetics

According to the secretariat of the Iranian Congress of Genetics, the scientific secretary of the congress, Dr. Seyed Javad Mowla, announced at a press conference on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 that the acceptance of articles and registration in the congress has begun. 

"This year's congress will be held in collaboration with the Italian Cellular-Molecular Society (SIBBM), the USERN World Network and the Iranian Genetics Society," he added. Also, in line with the mission of the Third Generation Universities (Entrepreneur), for the first time two new events have been added to Congress, the Commercialization and Student Festival.

Dr. Seyed Javad Mowla, Scientific Secretary of the International Congress of Genetics, outlined two important strategies for the recent congress: we are pursuing two important strategies in the science section of this year's congress. Strengthening the national sector has been shaped by the appointment of provincial liaison officers and the creation of an active network of professors and students from different provinces. In this regard, the potential of the country was identified and the talented people were identified throughout the country. On the international dimension, the development of communications and interactions with scientists and experts in the field was also pursued to establish future scientific collaborations.

The 16th National Congress and the Fourth International Congress of Genetics of Iran will be held in cooperation with the Italian Molecular Cell Association and the Usern World Wide Web on April 15-17,2020.

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