The dramatic growth of Iranian scientific potential in the field of genetics

According to Public Relations Congress of Genetics, Dr. Mahmoud Tavalaei, President of the Iranian Genetics Association, said on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at the press conference of the Fourth International Congress and the 16th National Congress of Genetics of Iran, held at the conference hall of Tarbiat Modares University: “the areas of genetic science with the great changes it has made, can also be an opportunity in the fields of knowledge-based employment,” he said. "We are seeing significant growth in the field of genetics, such as IT and nanotechnology, and the speed at which science is multiplying in these fields is incomparable," he added.

All universities across the country, assigned to specialized priorities and purposeful missions, can take advantage of the faculty and capacity of visiting faculty.

Dr. Tavalaei expressed hope that such scientific congresses could provide an opportunity for deserving young Iranians who are passionate about studying in single technology fields.

The 4th International Congress and the 16th National Congress of Iranian Genetics, in collaboration with the Italian Molecular Cell Association and the Usern World Network, will be held in Tehran's Summit on April 15-17, 2020with the participation of top Iranian and foreign researchers and scientists.

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