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The Iranian Genetics Society, were founded in 1966 with the suggestion and perseverance of Dr. Pezeshkpoor Mostashfi. The association initially consisted of four departments of the faculties of science, agriculture, medicine and veterinary medicine. Then in the years 1968 to 1978, seven independent scientific congresses were held in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz and Ahvaz.
According to the statute, the board of directors of this association consists of 2 specialists in the field of human genetics, 2 experts in the field of animal genetics, 3 experts in the field of plant genetics, 1 expert in the field of prokaryotes genetics, and 1 expert in the field of stem cells. Currently Dr. Mahmoud Tavalaei is the president of the association. Moreover, in 2013 two branches of genetic resources and in 2014 a group of researchers with a number of goals including teaching and promoting genetic science, were added to this society to improve the scientific links between students of different fields related to genetics and also to raise the number of participants in the scientific congresses.
The activities of the Iranian Genetics Society include the preparation of a genetic science audit and a standard clinical cytogenetic document. The association has taken important steps to hold annual conferences at national, regional and international levels, to liaise with scientific centres and to cooperate with international centres.

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