Spring event programme

Miniature talk
Miniature talk is an event which in young researchers can present a scientific topic in short 6-minute talks. These presentations are a great opportunity for young researchers to boost their skills in an academic environment.
In USERN second scientific activities named Miniature Talks, we are pleased that we can have artists in different fields to create their valuable artworks simultaneously with scientific presentations, the same as other events of USERN.

Scientific Scape Room

If you are up for a challenge you can test your creativity, problem-solving abilities and genetic science at the USERN Scientific Escape Room, a science-themed escape room at the Iran International Conference Center. Escape rooms are a popular group activity in which a team of players are enclosed in a room to solve some puzzles aiming either escape the room or accomplish a goal within a certain amount of time.

USERN Scientific Escape Room performs simultaneously with the 4th International & 16th Iranian Genetics Congress, which is created by a team of physicians and biologists, requires minimal biology knowledge for playing. But it does take a willingness to think creatively and challenges your teamwork Capabilities





Key Speakers

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