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Glance at Investment Cafe


The Investment Cafe event is a specialized gathering of companies, real and legal investors, and a group of top startups.

For the first time in Farvardin 97, with the collaboration of Farabours Iran, it was held at the same time with the Stock Exchange, Banking, and Insurance Exhibition in Finstars 2018.

Order of the event is that every company or investor set up at their desk, and all startups privately present themselves within a short time.

Subsequently, the agent of any company or investor can offer a partnership to their preferred startup.

Over the past two years, the Investment Cafe event held in collaboration with great organizations such as Pardis Science and Technology Park, INIF, Municipality of Tehran, Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, Technomarket...

The following is a summary of the report.


The Investment Cafe event statistics and figures


Registered startups: 937

Present investors at the event: 430

Affirmed startups in conferences: 209

Willing investors in conferences: 115

Held conferences: +1500

Successful conferences: 1205


Enrollment in Investment Cafe, 4th International Congress and 16th National Congress of Iranian Genetics


The Investment Cafe event will be held in 1398 at the same time as the 4th International Congress and the 16th Iranian National Genetic Congress, Khordad 27-29.

Startups and entrepreneurs interested in attending the Investment Cafe can enroll, as guided below.


Click on the link to view the registration guide:


Deadline for registration: Esfand 1st, 1398


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Key Speakers

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