1.    Business Model Design Workshop and its Types

General Description:

To understand complex cases, experts design models that can explain complex events.

 One of those complicated phenomena is Business, various Models are designed to simplify them.

Business Model is the most practical(vital?), which we use to comprehend the better how to generate profits(revenue?) and get business clients.

There are different types of business models that each have their own scientific and operational definitions.

The most critical business models and types of innovations will be discussed in this workshop.

Proposed value design is the most crucial business component that will be emphasized in this workshop.




1- Designing Business Model

2- Designing Value Propositions

3- Innovation in Business Model



2- Workshop on How to Present to The Investor

General Description:


If you think that Fundraising is a complicated and impossible task, you better not to start your own business!

Formulating a prosperous fundraising strategy requires sophistication in addition to having sufficient knowledge and experience.

Attracting investors to growth in Startups Business is one of the Founders' goals.

An investor is a person who can support a business develop faster and more efficiently by taking risks inherent in the business, in return for getting a percentage of the startup stock.


You may face challenges such as:

In what ways can I raise funds?

What is the best way to fund me?

Your startup may be under-valued!

Failure to become independent!

Losing Startup Ownership!

How to persuade an investor?


If you want the best solutions, this workshop is for you.



1- Types of startup investors

2- How to find the most suitable investor for our startup?

3- Important tips for building a relationship with investors

4- What documentation do we need for successful Fundraising?

5- Negotiation Techniques with investors


3- Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and How to Preserve the Idea


General Description:


Today, given the growth of the knowledge-based economy and technology and the growing importance of startups to traditional industrial companies, alongside technical and technological development issues, valuation, financial issues, market share determination, investor and co-founder selection we face so many obstacles.

 One of the most fundamental problems that must carefully be considered, which can be a solid base for team and company activities to resume, is the protection of intellectual property rights. Eventually, any startup business based on an idea, and it should remark what kind of idea do we have and how it can be supported and preserved.

 One of the most fundamental problems that must carefully be considered, as a solid base for resuming team and company activities, is the protection of intellectual property rights. Eventually, any startup business is based on an idea, and we should consider what kind of idea do we have and how it can be supported and preserved.

Investors need to be aware of how much the intellectual property rights support an idea and the owner of the idea, extent to which the owner of the idea should be paid.

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights will answer the above questions.

Subsequently, Independent Legal Systems for the protection of ideas, as separate workshops, will be held.


Headlines: ?

1- Concept and History of Intellectual Property Rights at National and International Level

2- Introduction to copyright

3- Introduction to the Patent System

4- Introduction to the Trade Secrets System

5- Introduction to 

6- Introduction to 


4- Marketing Sense


General Description:


In the field of entrepreneurship, marketing, and digital marketing, active and educated people face a significant challenge.

They ignore the real business dynamics and mechanics of the business, and they just focus on media activities.

Taking such an attitude at these divisions not only results in reducing the performance of marketing attitude but also does the organization prevent from achieving its goals.

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to provide a different perspective on business models and marketing plans.



1- Explaining marketing, sales and branding roles for organizations

2-Defining organization goals and translating them to marketing, sales and branding targets

3-strategic planning and execution

4-fundamental of business planning

5-Different executive and decision making approaches required for various growth phases

6- Different types of marketing budgeting

7- Conclusions

At the end of the course, participants are expected to:

1- Identify and analyze business dynamics and mechanics

2- Examine several different business models

3- Expressing the structural differences of different business models

4- Examine advertising dynamics, sales, and marketing of businesses

5- Performing a marketing budgeting plan with cost details ?


5- Commercialization Readiness Level (CRL)

Conducted by: Dr. Naser Mohammadi, Technology based Business development consultant & Adviser

Duration: 3 Hours


1- Business attractiveness and utility

2- CRL holistic approach and indicators

3- Main and Central indicator of CRL

4- Risk analysis of CRL aspects

5- Managerial dashboard of technology development, CRL & risk management












































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