Abstract Guide


Article submission guide

In submitting abstracts please consider the following terms and conditions:

 1. Each person can be the first author and presenter in only one article.

 2. It is possible to submit an abstract after registration is approved.

 3. We are not accepting review articles.

 4. Submission of the abstract is free and no surcharge will be applied on the registration fee.

 5. Persons who register in a timely manner before the registration deadline can submit their abstracts after that date at the same discounted cost.

 6. Abstracts are available only in English.

 7. It is possible to edit your abstract before the deadline of abstract submission.

 8. When submitting your abstract, specify the preferred type of presentation (poster or lecture). However, due to the limitations of the oral presentation, the selection is based on the author's preference and the recommendation of referees.

 9. Poster presentation requires ~4-5 minutes oral presentation in the presence of national or international referees.

 10. At the closing ceremony, the best posters and oral presentations in each branch (human/medical, plant, animal, and microorganisms genetics…) will be presented with awards and a statue of Congress.

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