Specialized Enquire

The collection of triple specialized enquire and response sessions will be conducted at the first commercialization festival with the participation of authorities and politician in the field of genetics, biology and biotech.
In this program, which is performed by
partnership with KarenCrowd as agent of  Presidentional Deputy for Science and Technology in the field of financing startups and knowledge-based companies is implemented, policy-makers and members of the value chain in the high-tech industry biology and medicine, equipment, facilities, financial resources and Technological needs of the country will share with you.

The purpose of these meetings is to enable direct interaction between industry leaders and business owners and to provide an appropriate framework for introducing members of the Hytech industry ecosystem to participation with another and to integrate technology market players.

The panel focuses on the first day, plant and agricultural genetics, human and medical genetics on the second day, animal genetics and microorganisms on the third day.

it should be noted that the members of the above three panels will soon be announced and registered to attend these meetings.

Key Speakers

Conference organizers