Success factors for innovative international companies


Edgar Britschgi Wang
M.A./MBA/Prof. MIM
Chairman & Managing Partner Combo Management AG

 Edgar Britschgi Wang Resume 

Objectives of workshop:
-To get an overview of multi-polar economy and its implications
-To apprehend obstacles, disruption and accelerators to business success
-To understand the philosophy of governance and compliance of European businesses To design a
strategic approach for global business
-To assess the leadership style applied in transnational corporations

Target audience:
Senior Executives (e.g. CEO, COO, Vice-Presidents, General Managers) with an interest in
international (Western) business. Post-graduate MBA and DBA / PhD students.

Workshop set up:
To achieve the aspirational objectives participants are required to actively contribute and share
ideas and experience.
Lecturing is primarily used to set the stage and provide the necessary theoretical basis. In each
 module dialogue and team work determine the outcome. Briefings and hand-outs will be prepared.

Multi-polar economy

Assess current situation and reckon changes: What does the new multi-polar economy mean? World in transition; key issues; East-West and North-South, demography and economy WDA; framework, outlook
Disruption Opportunities and risks: Accepting disruption or being a
disruptor? Obstacles and opportunities for innovative companies in global context.

Corporate governance Basics and best practice: Philosophy and
background of governance and compliance rules. Outline for family-owned and privately held companies

Strategic approach
Where and how to win:  What does value creation mean? MGSF approach; concept of strategic thinking and
planning; methods and tools; blueprint to success. What is a brand? Global brand stewardship.

Leader or Executive
Role and responsibility:
Current notion on leadership in transnational corporations; specifics for family owned and
privately held companies.
Manager or leader – is there a difference? Role models; aiming for inspirational leadership.

Participants, who attend the 2 day workshop may receive certificate confirming their contribution 
to this workshop and the learning steps.


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