National Genetics Award

The second round of the Iranian National Genetics Prize will be held alongside with the Fourth International and the 16th National Genetics Congress.

The first Iranian National Genetics Award was held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Iranian Genetics society, and on the sidelines of the Second International and the 14th Iranian Genetics Congress. At the event, the top researchers from different genetic backgrounds (human genetics, plant genetics, animal genetics, microorganism genetics, bioinformatics, and stem cells) were introduced to the congressional award committee through the Iranian Genetics Branches or with the help of Scientometrics. In this connection, a letter was sent to all universities and research centers in the country and they were invited to collaborate on the nomination of awardees. The final review of the nominees was then conducted by the Congressional Award Committee, and the list of final awardees in the three areas of senior researchers, young researchers (under 40), and influential figures was determined.

The basis for selecting influential figure is the individual's efforts to develop and promote genetic science, such as the establishment of genetic science courses and research centers in the country. In the case of researchers, it is based on scientific indexes (h-index, number of articles, number of citations, patent, commercialization and establishment of knowledge-based companies ...)


The list of awardees of the first Iranian National Genetics Award

- The influential figure of Iranian genetics, Dr. Mokhtar Jalali

- The Influential figure of Medical Genetics, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Kariminejad

- The influential figure of plant genetics, Dr. Bahman Samadi Yazdi

- The influential figure of microorganism genetics, Dr. Hassan Tajbakhsh

- Influential bioinformatics figure, Dr. Bahram Golyaei

- Top Researcher in Plant Genetics, Dr. Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh

- Top Medical Genetics Researcher, Dr. Mohammad Ali Faghihi

- Top stem cell researcher, Dr. Hossein Baharvand

- Top human genetics researcher, Dr. Elahe Elahi

- Top young human genetics researcher, Dr. Yaser Atlasi

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