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 Message from the President of the Genetics Society

The third millennium began with the sequencing of the genome, and today its developments have encompassed various areas of human life, including health, food and the environment. Our biggest interdisciplinary collaborations have been formed between the life sciences, engineering sciences, especially IT, and intelligence and artificial intelligence techniques. The intersection of the sciences together has revealed the essential features of creation. In the early days of this golden age, human beings were able to read the genome, identify the causes of the genetic changes and the phenotypic effects of these changes. The development of Bioinformatics made it possible to compare between different plant species, animals, microsatellites, and human cell types. In the second decade of this millennium, human beings have gone through genome reading and are now entering the era of genome editing and synthetic biology, and this dynamic path continues to grow. Performing several clinical trials in the field of gene therapy and stamping the approval of the worldwide authorities responsible for utilizing these techniques in the treatment of some complex and rare diseases will promise a major scientific and technological advance.
The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys the capital needed to reach the summit of honor in this scientific field, benefiting from the enormous resources of God-given treasures and valuable hereditary treasures  and creative and diligent human resources. This has been a golden achievement in the light of scientific discourse, technological data sharing, and the co-existence of experiences, and we can work on new scientific findings and apply them to human well-being. Thank you in advance for the effective efforts and constructive cooperation of all professors, researchers, sponsoring companies, and dear students.
Doctor Mahmoud Tavalaei
President of the 16th National and the Fourth International Genetics Congress 

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